Hey Everyone,

I have some things to share with you. 

First, as many of you have seen last week I celebrated one year of sobriety. Many of you also know that I have been documenting the whole process here on this blog week by week and in between. What most of you didn’t know is that I only intended to do this project for the first year of my sobriety. Seeing it is such a critical and beautiful time of growth and development I felt I would be doing a disservice to myself to not document the whole thing. Now having reached my one year date, I have made some decisions about what to do next. I will still be posting on this site, but it will be much more infrequent. I plan to do monthly updates and post poetry and other creative writing I do as I continue to discover new things about myself. I am about to finish school and start working toward my career in the next month. I will be very busy and that is going to require the bulk of my attention and time. To make sure I am successful and going to make my mark, I have to redirect my attention there for the time being.

Writing for this blog has been such a cathartic and wonderful experience. It’s inspired me and helped me regain my confidence in some of my other artistic outlets that I have neglected/not had the time to do. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it or not in the blog, but I am a singer/songwriter, photographer, and performer. Music in particular is one of my biggest passions and I am coming to a place in my life again where I am going to have the opportunity to make music again for myself and with others. This is something I have been longing to do for a long time now and I am feeling so inspired and creatively in tune with myself right now that I want to channel that into my music like I have been here for the last couple months.

So yes, I am taking a hiatus, a very light one though. I’ll still be writing here from time to time, but most of my writing and creative efforts will be directed elsewhere. I am going to put my full attention not only into the new career opportunities I have going, but also into my other creative ventures that I am reconnecting with and conceptualizing this very minute. I’m taking the next steps and I want to be present and focused going forward into the next creative phase of my sobriety.


Until Next Time, 

Taylor James


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