Body Talk.


From the depths of my mind
I bring to life a beast inside
One that radiates beauty
Bright like the sunshine
Shimmering like sequins
On an ambient disco night
Adrenaline pulsing in my eyes
Consumed with a fever
An overpowering fixation
A burning sensation
I’m being crushed by the high

Ovewhelmed by the pleasure
That warms my stagnat blood
I let it all go and let my body talk
Speak for itself and say what it wants
Thowing caution to the wind
Inhibitions set free
Emmiting and scent of sensuality
You fall in love with me
With just a look from my eyes
A touch from my hand
I take your everything

My body sings you a lullaby
Hypnotic and harrowing
A captivating confection
Addictive and sweet
A sugar rush that shows no mercy
Blinded by infatuation
Wearing rose colored glasses
Unphased by the simplicity
Of sleight of hand trickery

When my body talks
I find sweet release
An empowering sense of expression
Just for me


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