Be still
Be still for a moment
Bask in the vastness of the hole
The sits where your heart used to be
Once filled to the brim with compassion
Now hollow to the core

Think hard
Think hard about the present
A product of a past
That did not possess forgiveness
Riddled with angst and unbridled anger
Roaming the wide open pastures
Where happiness used to wander

Cry softly
Cry softly to yourself
Let the guilt wash over you
Like the rains of summer
Taking the heat out of the fire
Putting out what you do not wish to remember

Breathing heavy
Breathing heavy for everyone to hear
Gasping for peace you have not earned
Suffocating yourself in the shadow of shame
The glimmer of light slowly fading out
Eyes growing heavy until they see nothing
Giving into the dark corners of the mind
To late to apologize
It ends tonight



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