44 Weeks Sober

Today I am 311 days sober!


Earlier this week I was talking with somebody about how to be successful. More specifically how to be the most successful version of yourself. Both of us are about to be college graduates and moving forward into the next phase of our careers and lives. Like many others in our position, we are trying our best to find the ideal jobs and opportunities where our strengths will be used to the best of our abilities. But how do you get there? I believe it all comes from having the right attitude. That combined with passion and dedication, will work together to move you in your desired direction.

One of my many sayings is that “Life is Like a Beauty Pageant” (Not to be confused with my other popular saying, “The world is your runway.”). As ridiculous as it may sound, believe me there is some substance to the superficial saying. It’s not all just crowns and roses. It’s more about the attitude and effort it takes to win a pageant. That’s ultimately what is at the core of this saying.


Let me break it down for you. There is an unseen force that is always at play not only within the beauty pageant but also in the greater scheme of expressing yourself in life. I like to call this the politics of succeeding. This force is what drives each and every one of us to put the best version of ourselves forward for the world to see. This is what empowers us to be creative when we fashion our identity and create our existence. Some versions are more permanent and others are more temporary, but what remains constant is that inherent desire to reflect the unique version of whatever we choose to be. You succeed in your life when you take control and claim what is yours with no qualms. Utilizing this freedom to grow yourself personally in everyday life is the key to harnessing an empowered attitude to let your truest and brightest colors shine.


When these contestants grace the stage looking their best, they embody this drive to succeed. What many deem a frivolous pursuit of beauty and attention is more than meets the eye. Each moment is carefully calculated and executed with no error. The illusion of perfection is achieved through an ability to be confident and define yourself apart from those around you. To standout is not to sellout. To standout is to make a claim to something and go after it with everything you can possibly give. Time and time again the underdog and dark horse have risen to their well deserved place. Like all the beauty queens, I urge you to be bold and put the best version of yourself forward because success is rewarded to those who make the effort to try.


With every step down the runway that is your life you should put your best foot forward. With your head held high and standing tall, do everything in your power to steal the scene. Only a person at their best is able to do so. A lackluster version of yourself can only fill half the presence your best self is able to take up. Those who walk with a purpose are those who gain access to opportunity because they know what they deserve, which is nothing short of everything.

And so it begins, I have been preparing throughout the duration of this sobriety to throw myself back into the beauty pageant of life. Carefully behind the scenes I have been gathering strength, letting my creativity run wild, and develop a sense of purpose to pursue. All of these things I have held close and kept them locked away. The most valuable tactic I have learned is to keep your best ideas to yourself and use them in the most crucial of moments. This is how I will make an impact. This is how I will take over the world and build my personal empire. Through a process of creation and execution I will earn my success and take what is rightfully mine. With nothing to lose, fulfillment and happiness never out of sight, my efforts will not be hindsight. I will earn my title and crown even if it takes every ounce of my might. 


Love Your Hair, Hope You Win:

Taylor James


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