I bleed internally
Fountains of tainted blood
A psychological tragedy
You did inflict on me
Under the cover of night
My mind lured away
By an addictive poison
Through which you found your way

You broke me in the moment
In submission I lay
As you soiled my dignity
Naked and afraid
I dare not say anything
For you were capable I know
With the might of your desire
To inflict another blow

Stuck in this tragedy with no end in sight
In a pitfall of denial I’d kiss you goodnight
Only to roll over and silently cry
Until the wells in my eyes had completely run dry
To wake up the next morning
And not remember the reason why

Time after time I fell victim to this torture
I no longer found comfort underneath the sheets
A once safe haven now embedded in fear
Where dreams are sent to die and forcefully disappeared

Calling out bravely into thick opaque air
A plea of desperation yet completely aware
That nobody would answer
Everyone would just stare

I’m Here! I’m Here!
Is anybody there?
Can anybody save me?
Will anybody help?


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