Gasping for air
Learning to fly
All I can do is Try

Images plastered all around like a missing person sign
Overwhelming my depth of field
The ideology blurs
Lured into a falsehood
An incomplete picture
Locked on a single fixture
Not discernible to the naked eye
A visual mystery complex and awry 

Perfection is demanded
Nothing short is acceptable
Be everything all at once
It should never be a second thought
Mistakes are invalid
Strong reminders of failure
Used like instruments of torture inside your mind
Crippling pain, a temporary hurt
Struggling to see your worth

Pressure so strong I feel myself break
Like a tree in a windstorm
Ripped from the earth and taken away
A surprising twist of fate
A future no one could predict 

Gasping for air
Learning to fly
All I can do is Try

Breathing is heavy
Anxiety on the rise
Flying high like the birds in the sky
Unable to enjoy the ride
Like a drop of water
Waiting for the crash

All work and no play
Acts of leisure done in vain
For fifteen minutes of fame
Scribed on the neon marquee
That’ll burn out by midnight

Grant me the sweet release
Allow me the serenity
To feel the comfort of my skin
The warmth of my inner strength
Closing my eyes
Preparing my goodbyes 

Gasping for air
Learning to fly
All I could ever do was Try 



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