Tequila Sunrise.


Caught out in the sea breeze, I seek to pass the time.
Stripping away the worries and fear I hold so tight
Gusts warm my body and comfort takes up space
Filling in the holes ravaged by bullets loaded with demise
Numbing the thoughts of deeply troubled times
Like the first sips of a tequila sunrise
That friend who brought me endless joy in a past life

Who’s taste was explosive like dynamite
Obliterating a sense of insecurity
Seeking escape in the thoughts of my mind
Lustful fantasies of sex on the beach
Cuddled up with my semi-precious Julep
Safely in the comfort of Egyptian Cotton
Caressing our delicate and slender thighs
Late nights spent out in Manhattan
Counting the stars fixated by the neon lights
Dreaming of the beautiful blue Hawaii

Waking up alone has never felt better
The grass has never seemed greener
The fruits of my labor have never tasted sweeter
My complexion glows with intense pride
Hoping this breeze will take me away
Soaring like an albatross across the globe
Floating aimlessly amongst the clouds
Finding freedom in the sky





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