7 Months Sober.

Today I am 7 Months Sober!


This month in particular is very special to me in regards to growth and reinvigorating lost parts of myself. I’m not discrediting any of the months of recovery prior to this one, but I must give special attention and gratitude towards this one because of what I gained from this month of introspection. Throughout this recovery process I have been working on becoming more vulnerable in hopes to liberate and free myself of a dark past. I feel I have been highly successful in doing so. The universe has provided me many learning opportunities and granted me the ability to learn from these in a sober and sound state of mind. Through it all I have carried this unwavering strength and determination to do better and be better. Even in the moments of complete collapse, I seemed to stand tall. Tenacity. I have realized the true and ever-present tenacity within my soul. I am not a quitter and seven months of sobriety goes to show that. Nothing seems to be slowing me down lately and I’m relishing in this abundance of optimism. I had some powerful breakthroughs and affirmations this month that have only cemented my tenacious spirit to take it to the next level.


It began with the disregarding of my fear that no longer serves me. I wasn’t going to be at the mercy of the world which sought to tear me down. Then, I reaffirmed my commitment to my dreams and the passion I have within these dreams. I wasn’t going to allow myself to miss an opportunity or moment to fulfill my purpose in life because I was afraid and refused to believe in myself. After that, I shed the dogma of other people’s opinions of me and their wishes of me in this world and reclaimed my independence as a free-thinker. You’d think after all this release and affirmation I would feel more complete, right? I wasn’t quite there. Something big and important was missing. Despite putting myself out there and really opening up to the world, there was a part of me that still was closed off. I was out of touch with one of my identities and the qualities surrounding it. This was an identity that heavily influenced me as a human being and my expression of my humanity. Now back in control and living out my sexuality and sensuality, I am even stronger. I am more powerful. I am more connected to what aspects of humanity make me unique and special.


The tenacious at heart are the ones who can overcome it all. They understand their power and how to use it for the right reasons. They seek to not only better themselves, but inspire others as well. Tenacious fire is something we all possess within our souls, but many of us do not know how to access it. The key lies in your ability to accept yourself for who you are and not what you could be. Once you acknowledge and claim your inner strength the world is at your mercy. You hold all the power. Shots will be fired, and memories will be set on fire, but you will not fall. Standing as high as New York’s skyscrapers, you won’t be bothered by what’s happening below because your eyes are set on something greater and out of reach of those pacing aimlessly along the crowded sidewalks. Moreover, the tenacious are brave at heart. The tenacious are aware and capable. The tenacious are victims. The tenacious are survivors. They are a stark reminder that sometimes it takes being both to find power. Strength doesn’t come from being just one or the other. Rather it comes from the experiencing of both separate and simultaneously in one’s life.


Going forward I have nothing to fear. Now even more aware of the resilient and determined spirit that lies within me I am empowered. Empowered in a way that I finally feel overwhelmingly in control of how I’m going to make decisions in my life and execute them accordingly. Smiling brighter than ever, I am moving into a new chapter of my recovery. Having abandoned the majority, if not all my fears, insecurities and set backs I am ready to show even more to the world. We’ve only scratched the surface in these last 7 months and I’m ready to go even deeper. Deeper in regards to the exploration within my enlightened spirit. Untouched for years and years, it’s time to positively and mindfully charge it back to life. Less burdened and more free, I am taking my place as the star of the scene. With a tenacity so bold it’ll bring a tear to your eyes. I’m okay. I’m doing it my way. Save your prayers for another day.


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Taylor James


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