Open your hearts to those who show mercy
Be bold in the face of a burdening adversity
Know what’s in the reflection is sometimes a mistake
A fabricated lie that our society creates
To bring ourselves down and keep us in check
For those who riot, just make a big mess
The perfection of beauty is the ultimate test
To show your compliance with all the rest

Cover up who you are with a nude foundation
Blend away the features inherent in your creation
Gloss your lips to distract from the speech
That could change the world with one little peep
Line your eyes as if they were targets
Attracting the attention of those passing by
While looks like sharp daggers, bring tears to your eyes
Mascara stained cheeks mark the image of weakness
An object of the world
Broken into pieces

I am sorry you feel that you cannot be free
I am sorry that expectations are so out of reach
I am sorry your beauty runs only skin deep
I am sorry we plaster it in all the magazines
I am sorry you are looked down upon by your size and shape
I am sorry we made these standards in the first place



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