Soft Whisper.


Like a soft whisper
Intangible by the the ear
Words fade into darkness
Fainting with fear

A smile gone grey in the face of the truth
Tears caress your cheeks like a cool trickle of comfort
To help ease the burning sensation of a vivid flashback
Now present and free of the past
This burdening sadness
How long can it last?

Tormented in silence under intense pressure
Like a waterboard torture for the punishment of prisoners
Sandwiched between the evils of grief and guilt
Defeating your ability to control your will
Hands over your heart in a test of faith
For the universe to forgive you of a harmless mistake
Spare me the wounds that have already been inflicted
Break these chains that have held me so tightly
Fill my lungs with the courage to speak
Grant me an escape from this hell that I’m living

In a soft whisper
The devil sings his tune
Irrevocably haunting
The presence ensues



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