False Hope.


Soft whispers of yesterday float amongst the clutter
Like ghosts of a past long forgotten
Lingering around as a powerful reminder
That immortal are your thoughts
Forever are your feelings
And eternal are your desires

Pipe dreams that could not come forward
Stunted by inhibitions and debilitated fear
Left to get weaker with each passing year
As spring turns to summer
As fall turns to winter
Fading into the background
Only something to remember

We are but ants in this world
Completing the necessary tasks to keep the colony alive
Dictated a role and expected to execute it
At the service of the world
Who does not understand gratitude
Demanding more and more at the expense of others
On a crusade to hold the power
Yearning to take up more space
We cannot possess and can never gain

Bold was the intention to be sought after
Only given to those by a stroke of luck
Penny after penny tossed into a fountain
Hoping to be flooded with some kind of hope
Faithfully waiting in patience and prudence
To receive the fulfillment that doesn’t exist
Until you cross over to the other side

The mailbox remains empty
Your calls are never answered
A hole in the line of communication
Intended to keep you guessing
A mysterious phenomenon of universal understanding
That secrets are ubiquitous and easy to find

Knowledge is at our fingertips
But yet we do not know
We do not know
What makes us whole



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