From the fruit of thy womb
Birthed unto this world
As angel Gabriel once told
Pure and pristine
A divine revelation
That of human form

Bathed in sin and seeking redemption
Soaked in frankincense
Laced with indulgence
A victim of ecstasy
With pleasures unbounded
The devil hath led me
To deceive what is good
To accept what is evil

I am heartily sorry I have offended thee
Crucified by my choices
The agency of my will
The venom of the snake
Hidden within the apple
Rectified at the travesty of Eden
Original Sin

Blood soaked linen caused
By a brutal stigmata
Done unto me by the Sacred Heart
United in a Holy Trinity
That vows to love me unconditionally
Yet seeks to guilt me
To accept eternal damnation
In the fiery depths of hell

Oh where is my salvation?
Can you not show me mercy?
I speak not of blasphemy
But a truth inherent within me
Testify against me
Dismiss my creed
Afraid I am not
To live free
Now and at the hour of my death

Salve Regina
Enlighten me


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