Baggage. It’s more than just the case that holds all your personal belongings when you travel. Within your suitcase of blissful memories, you have also so neatly packed the memories that you can’t seem to shake and yearn to forget. Baggage serves to haunt us as we move forward. It is a powerful reminder of where we’ve come from and what we have yet to escape from. It’s that pesky little note floating in your pocket that wash after wash never seems to disintegrate and disappear. Sometimes we drag it behind because of the heavy weight. Other times we throw it over our shoulder and carry it with ease. In any case, we haul around our past in some capacity and why we do only psychology could tell.

As much as we hate to admit it, the baggage does impact us. A person’s baggage is actually quite crucial to the understanding of someone’s identity in its entirety. Your life experience is packed in between the layers of trauma and trying times. Further embedded is the perspective that you view the world through. Like a painful cataract, baggage obstructs and blurs our vision of reality and can take away from our overall quality of life. We approach situations the wrong way and can’t find victories caused by this obscurity and it affects our strategy. Our strategy to gain the most fulfilling life possible. Our strategy to obtain personal greatness. Our mission to be the best that we can be. We all are aware of its presence within us and outside of us, but why can’t we can’t seem to ditch it?

We accept this extra weight as a normal because we are told to hide it. 8350993877_da6cccaf19_k2Baggage indicates weakness and an inability to cope. This fear of weakness drives people to cope in adverse ways only adding to the baggage. A vicious cycle of personal repression that compresses so tightly that breathing only gets harder in a bleak, merciless suffocation. A crippling mental state where people sulk in silence when they should be screaming out. Lost in a smokescreen of a haze heavy with tears, we walk forward hoping to distance ourselves from that which seeks to tear us down. It should not be this way. Nobody welcomes a few extra pounds physically and they shouldn’t do so mentally. Our overall stability is dictated by our treatment of our baggage. Why must we let it torment us so?

Every time the baggage claim unleashes all the bags onto the conveyor belt we willing pick up the bags we wish would have been lost in transit. We do it because it’s personal. We do it because we are attached. We do it because we don’t want anyone else to have it. Letting go of the baggage means you have to get a little more personal. Not only with yourself but everyone you come in contact with in your life. It means stepping outside your comfort zone and acknowledging aspects of yourself that you are ashamed of. 5794c5051244f3e3d63c1c848f0062a2Your baggage is embodied within you. You give it the power to define you negatively by suppressing it. You are not whole if you disregard you baggage. We all have dirty laundry out on the line we wish to wash clean knowing damn well that shit stain isn’t going to come out with any amount of bleach. Own these flaws and the pain associated with them. Prop this mistake and misfortune up on a pedestal instead of trying to expel its existence into open space. Through and through you are your baggage and your baggage is you. Embrace it. Love it. Learn from it. Let it define your strength and serve as a testament to your resilience.

Open your baggage. Find the nearest window. Dump it all into the streets below. Let your pain rain down into the world that worked so tirelessly against you. Litter the sidewalks with defiance and acceptance of what has happened. A hefty, unconscious burden now free to live in the conscious memory stripped of its power and hold. Let it be known your intent to move forward taking with you hard lessons learned. Wipe away the smudges on the lens you look at life through and start anew.


Unpacking Proudly:

Taylor James



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  1. LaDonna Underwood January 12, 2017 — 4:51 pm

    Have I ever told you, your writing is outstanding?


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