Calm is the wind who raged tirelessly
Ruffling the leaves of
The sad weeping willow
Stripped to a skeleton in an array of old bones
Clinging to life
By the deep roots of hope

Heavy do you hang in a crippling state of regret
For following the seasons like a chameleon of nature
Bound to the earth through luscious matrimony
A willing servant to mother nature
A fate bestowed upon you in great honor
To uphold the fruits of a great labor
Taken for granted by man
A love unrequited

Cry my beautiful willow
As tears roll down your rough and tired skin
Cloaked in the darkness under sympathetic stars
For shameful you are not, proud of who you are
The rings of time within you
Tell a story of old age
A beautiful deception
That everything will be okay
Cry my beautiful willow
Tomorrow’s a new day



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