Left to die in the middle of nowhere
Amongst the desert lands
Waiting to be buried alive in quicksand

A walking feast for carnivorous wildlife
That come out at night
Whose teeth sharp like cactus thorns
Seek to sink into my skin
Blood runs thick in front of the crowd
Vultures delighted by my demise
With each second passing by
Tearing away what’s left of me
A carcass with no remains

A fate sealed when I opened my lips
Hissing like a snake the venom embedded
A poison so deadly served up in a swift bite
No chance for survival in the darkness of night
Suffering cold under the pale moonlight
Muted by blackness
Hidden from sight

Motionless on the earth staring with dead eyes
Captivated by the emptiness
Coming down from the high
Struggling to accept the consequence
The crash fully actualized
Blinded by naivety


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