Lost in hindsight
A forgotten memory left to die
Too busy passing the time
Fleeting endeavors with simple intention
A beautiful distraction
From what lay just below the surface
Raging feelings trapped inside
Like a caged bird trying to take flight
Barred away for another day

Down crumbles the walls
The floodgates open
Giving way to destruction
Of wasted efforts and careful suppression
A victim of repression

Forced to face the man in the mirror
Sorrowful tears
Run down their face
Beauty in its most natural state
A wandering soul put in place
No ability to erase the mistakes
Stained boldly in ink
Written in stone a permanent reminder
No one has control of their fate

Second chances are for everyone
A promise made by the world
To save us from ourselves
From feeling deeply blue
Redemption comes in the morning sunrise
Salvation granted in the moment of dusk
An honor earned from a stance of prudence
Reflecting the will to get through it
Living your truth

Just around the river bend
A treasure filled trove
That thrill of discovery
Finding what you’re looking
Always longing for something more
An insatiable appetite to be better


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