Countless nights with no sleep
Staring at the wall blankly
Pretending something is there
To comfort me in this time of grieving
Hoping someone could understand
What it’s like to be so mad

Stripped down to nothing
For all the world to see
Taking center stage once again
Seeking entertainment at my expense
Propped up on a pedestal
Piercing eyes leave me still
Frozen in the moment
Victim of everyone’s will

Stretched thin and pressure on high
Struggling to break free of this bind
Knowing what’s good for me
Still longing for things that make me cry

Heart on my sleeve
The pain continues to bleed
Into the hands of those who get close
Who want something more than most

I am not yours to hurt
I am not yours to heal
I am not yours to have
I belong to me
Take me as I am
This is my life



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