The Choice.


My naked body awakens
I feel the cool breeze on my tender skin
My closet calls to me so eagerly
Pick me! Wear me! Try me!
The clothes scream in ecstatic fashion
Hoping today they venture out of their closeted confines

After careful consideration
Plaid and jeans seem the best
They hug my body in a warm expression full of gratitude
I feel powerful, myself, at ease
I slip on my boots
Their snake skin rattles in appreciation
Filling their soles with a riveting feeling
Not felt in a long time
I pass by a small mirror
Primp one more time
I walk out the door
Opening in a rapid manner
Exposing the outside world
It is here that our two worlds collide

My word
A place of eccentricity, individuality, creativity, and art.
Their world
A place of same old same old, conformity, and lackluster.
It is this battle I face daily
Whether to assert my world in theirs
Or to accept their terms and agreements and follow like the rest

And it is everyday I decide to plague their world with mine
Hoping one day these worlds can exist harmoniously
Free of conflict, chaos, and bigotry
It is my dream to be able to have my world pass through theirs
As the wind does through the trees
It is my dream to live free
It is my dream to die free


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  1. Please…have mercy on those of us who fall for every word when you say your “naked body”…


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