Crumpled up like a piece of paper
Thrown in the trash with no regard
To be taken away to rot alongside others
Who couldn’t provide what was needed
Who failed their purpose of being
Who would never be given a second chance
To feel what it’s like to be free

Ghosts follow me
Making their presence known with a chill down my spine
Their voices haunt my dreams
Like sweet little lullabies
Masked in a melody
That could make any grown man cry

The heart aches to feel a warmth inside
Frozen by cruelty and betrayed by lies
Proof is in the tears I cry
Like monsoon rains
Heavy and hard
A sight no one could disregard
A plea with the world to grant me peace
In this state of mind that has left me weak

Not even this can provoke a sense of empathy
To understand the depth of my tragedy
That’s laced through my veins
Stitched deep into my skin
A product of a life rooted in sin
This is my Act of Contrition
Allow me release from this situation

Happiness is what I seek to find
Constricted in a negative bind
Lurking in the shadows is my oppressor
Holding me down under pressure

Breaking at the seams I’ll come unhinged
Emotions unleash like a roaring wind
Blowing away everything in sight
I will no longer have to fight
Everything will be alright
Standing in stillness
I embrace my fantasy
No one else exists
It’s only me




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