A State Of Disbelief


Last night a huge crime was committed against the voices of our society who have for so long fought to be heard. Progress comes to a halt and the threat of being pushed back down a couple of steps is permeating the air. All of us this morning ask, “What the hell are we going to do now?” I don’t have an answer to that question. It pains me to know that I do not have an answer to that question. I woke up this morning with a heart so heavy I was paralyzed. All I felt was hopelessness and anger. This was something we did not want. Those who wanted this, you need to seriously think about the damage you have done. You need to take your privilege, wipe your ass with it, and throw it away. You do not deserve the power that you posses. You have made this country a mess. I am speechless. Our country is speechless. The world looks at us in utter disbelief.

As an alcoholic, gay, gender non-conforming, and lower class citizen I fear what will become of our rights. This I fear for all us who fall into minority groups. All of us who stay true to our innate identities that we posses and openly express. We are in danger. Our country has turned against us and opened the doors for a policy that commends persecution. Like the Romans did to the Christians, it will be a frightening manslaughter. 2016-04-13-1460555395-7259291-igotmyownbackI am grateful to live in a place that social justice, equality, and equity is valued and actively practiced. Those who do not live in places like that, we will fight for you. We are here for you. We will welcome you. If so decide that you need to be in a safer place, our home is your home.

Now is not the time to put away the artillery and throw up the white flag. That would be a disservice to all the work that has been done and a slap in the face to everyone who has worked so tirelessly in the pursuit of justice. Now more than ever you should stand up and speak your mind. We live in a country that grants us to practice freedom of speech and expression. So take advantage of the right. I’m doing it right now. Press the government and the people to reconsider what has happened. People change and can be molded, especially in times of fear and anxiety. Reject the Trump agenda and find your own agenda. One that values human dignity and respect for one another. Protect yourself and others who are at risk. This task will be no easy fix. America is problematic as we saw yesterday, and this is something I hope to change. The power lies in the people. We are the foundation of this country.

Start Acting and Stop Judging. 


Wondering What’s Next:

Taylor James


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