Outside The Lines.


Fill in the blank
Choose the best fit
Find a flow that makes sense

There are so many choices
Each holds a meaning
Each can change the course
Of what is to be understood
Of what needs to be told

Coloring outside the lines
It’s something we’re afraid to do
Creating something new
Why is it so hard to do? 

Conventions are made to bend
Rules are meant to be broken
Acceptance boxes you inside
Sealed airtight
Bound and constricted

Make a scribble and embrace space
Take up as little
Take up as much
The world is your playground
A vast black top full of expression and ideas
Grab your chalk
Your most favorite color
And let it run wild
Your imagination like a child’s

Scratch out the blank
Take a risk
Embrace the mistakes
Beautifully flawed



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  1. I love this line: “Conventions are made to bend
    Rules are meant to be broken”- beautiful poem


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