Pain Is No Stranger.


Amidst the chaos
The static and the noise
Boxed inside an eternal void
Deep like a chasm
Dark as night
Broken are the wings
With no chance of flight

Enchanted by the loneliness
The isolation is a gift
What lies outside is truly grim
Hiding away from the twisted stage
Littered with hate and fueled by rage
I seek shelter
A place to be still
Soaked in melancholy
This is my will

Hermits so brave
Wise and unafraid
Trek to the ends of the earth
To meet their destiny
To find their worth
Knowing well that truth only hurts
But so are the lies
We tell knowingly
To get what we want
With no apology
Escapism is the key
Universe enlighten me

Tired of running
Like hunters after prey
I long to lie down
Sleep this life away
Wounded by the world
And it’s abusive game
I bow to you in sweet surrender
Throw down my cards
My turn is over

Let it be known
I need the world to see
How ruthless it is to be
Alive and carefree
Loaded are the expectations
In a revolver aimed directly
At an innocent soul
Showing no mercy
With the pull of trigger
A bullet through the air
Another falls down
With nobody to care

Where is the heart?
That beats within
Tired and dull
Stressed out and consumed
In a selfish quest
Only concerning you

Where is your humility?
That makes you alive
Numbed by affliction
Of failure and pride
Torn to shreds
Dying inside
Pain is no stranger
We’ve all felt the knife
Run up our backs digging into our spine

Take my hand
Be there for me
As I lay on the floor in a state of disbelief
Watching the days turn into nights
Life flashing before my eyes
Don’t you know what it’s like to cry?



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