Ugly Truth.


Long ago I said my goodbyes
Left a piece of myself in the past
In the hearts of those who crossed my path
A false sense of romance
Carelessly wandering the scenic byways
Stopping to rest when needed
Creating the experience I wanted 

Encounter after encounter
Moment after moment
I was filled with a joy
Warm like a summer bonfire
Under the starry sky
Beautiful on the surface
Deceptive at the core
An illusion of utmost grandeur
A tragic secret hidden in the reflection

I came to know truth
I was betrayed by lies
Holding back the tears I should’ve cried
Numbed into submission by whiskey lullabies
Unable to find my voice
Forced to make a choice
Ignored and neglected
I accepted my fate

At the will of others
Recklessness became rational
Thrill seeking consumed the days
When my mind was empty
My body weak
Strangers welcomed me
False pretenses they used to ruin me
Wicked and cruel

Abuse at its finest
Mistreated and violated
Words thrown like spears
Cowering in fear
Preparing for the impact
Brutal and severe
I am still here

This is my goodbye
To those who tried to break me
Keep that piece of my heart
A painful reminder of what you lost
When you let the worst get the best of you
A symbol of the ugly truth


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  1. this is beautiful and from the soul- i love it


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