Caught Out In The Rain.


Here I am
Caught out in the rain
Without an umbrella
Nothing to shade myself
From the downpour all around
From the storm that will consume me

Drowning in the tears of angels
Those souls who got to heaven
For living their virtues
Kindhearted and faithful
It is their wish to comfort me
In this time of turmoil
Where thunder shakes the earth
And lightening rips through the sky

The rain washes over me
A dirtied past littered on my skin
Now being washed clean
A purification unfolding
The filth puddles below me
Colored a deep dark grey
Looking back at me
The reflection of a stranger
Similar in complexion
Unrecognizable to the world
A figment of my imagination
I wish to lose touch with
I long to let go

I begin to dance in the streets
Splashing through the puddles
Stomping out the blackened images
Of a ghostly soul
That haunted me for so long

Here I am
In the eye of the hurricane
No longer caught out in the rain
Knowledgeable and patching up the pain
The universe showcasing its power before me
Granting me an opportunity to start fresh
I bow in utmost respect
Thankful for a second chance
To take my life back 



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  1. You’re finding your way…you deserve to encounter a kind stranger with an umbrella every now and then! But it seems to me that you’re walking your path, even if you sometimes get a little wet along the way. 🌂🌂🌂


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