With Grace.


With grace I rise again
Look myself in the mirror
Clutching the barre
With dreams to go far 

Plié after plié
I garner the strength to dance again
To move through life in a free-flowing
Contemporary and Modern motion

Pirouette after Pirouette
I spin circles around those who stand in my way
The audience to my performance
I pretend they’re not even there
Masked behind a fourth wall
Where reality and fantasy intertwines 

Chassé after Chassé, I offer an invitation
Come follow me
Act after act
Position after Position
Become entranced in the story I tell
Illuminated under the lights
I give a piece of myself to you
Reborn and new
Pink like a lotus in full bloom 

With grace I rise again
Put on my pointe shoes
Tie my hair up
And assume my place in the show
Stalled in a prolonged intermission
Hidden behind red velvet curtains


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