10 Weeks Sober.

Today I am 73 Days Sober.

image10 Weeks Sober. What a thought! This is a very important week on my road to recovery. I may or may not have mentioned before, but this is my third attempt to try to get clean. They always say third times the charm and I can say I truly believe that when it comes to my sobriety. The longest I was able to stay sober was 9 weeks and that was during my second attempt. Getting to 10 weeks this time is HUGE. Huge because it means the fears and anxieties that crippled me during the first two attempts did not get to me this time. Monumental because it means I have found the strength within myself that I didn’t have before. 3b3f8ce726a7694405f638c18c0c7b66A powerful reminder that with the right tools, support, and will power you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. I feel almost invincible at this point in my journey because everything that I worried about in the first 9 weeks no longer bothers me and has no presence within my mind. My focus is strong and my determination solid.

I also started back at school this week. One step closer to finishing my degree and moving on into the adult world with my career. What that career will be only time will tell, but luckily I still have some time to figure that out. timeline-bigwA career in writing or involved with writing would be ideal, but I have many options that I could excel in. I guess I’ll just have to play the field and find the best fit. For those of you that don’t know my degree will be in Media and Communication Studies and I’m currently deciding what to minor in. I’m leaning towards creative writing, but visual and media arts is also something I am considering. I am a student at the University of Washington Bothell and I couldn’t be happier with the education that I am getting at this fabulous institution.

School is going to serve me well over the next 12 weeks. I plan to put the majority of my attention to it, but I refuse to let it interfere with my writing. This blog and all the other writing I do is all I have in the form of expression at the moment. If I don’t have the ability to create I put myself in a precarious situation that could lead to repression and relapse. I’m excited to be back with my school friends and to have them heavily involved in my life again. I’m ready to be back with like-minded and driven people who are all working toward something better. It’s a great energy to be around and keeps me grounded in my journey forward.


A lot has changed this week and I definitely need to adjust back into my school lifestyle. The constant business and lack of down time will test my limits and patience, but I am not worried. My time management is something I have a strong grasp on and having that skill under lock and key will really help in the upcoming weeks. Overall, I’m excited and ready for what it is store this quarter. I must remind myself to find the balance of work and play to avoid being overwhelmed by my school work and not feeling deprived of creative time and expression. Let’s get down to business everybody!

Studious and Strong:

Taylor James 



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  1. I am so proud of you
    Many Blessings Grandma


  2. Fantastic love it, thank you. 101 days today, regrowing, 30 years waste. I am now reborn.

    Liked by 1 person

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