From the Oyster, came a Pearl
A gem so special to the world
Who knew that such a plain creature,
Could bring about beauty that transcended the future

A Pearl
Shiny and round
It glistens in the sun, attends every party, and has fun.
That’s what you spell between the lines
You expect nothing but the best
You can’t afford to be anything less

Vulnerable and tough you are
Transparent are your emotions illuminated in pure white aura,
Yet you wear armour heavy as knights.
For you truly can never lose any fight

Tormented you be
Trapped in a prison forced to fit a mold
But months turn to years and time moves forward
You emerge brave, valiant, and bold
As Aphrodite did from the sea foam

Love comes natural to you
Everybody in the world will try and wear you
Many people’s skin you will caress,
But only one will pair you with the perfect dress.
For you make the look its very best

Small you may be, but big is how you are perceived
Ubiquitous you are in this great big world
But to every boy, there is a girl
No matter how similar these girls may be
Each retain a sense of individuality

So always remember Pearl where you came from
Even though there are many like you
You were the only one in Mama Oyster’s womb
And your experience in her tomb
Brings the world’s attention to you

Small, Mighty, Misunderstood Pearl
At war against the ignorant world.



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