There comes a time in every person’s life where a story comes to a close and a whole new novel waits to be written. How the story comes to a close is always a sight to be seen. Sometimes it feels like it fades into the background like a chameleon, completely unnoticed. Other times it’s a production of circus sized proportions. No matter what the climax, there is always the unavoidable resolution. Resolutions are what many people struggle to grasp. Resolutions are the time frame of a complete loss of words, emotions, feelings, and thoughts both positive and negative.

People do not take enough time to deal with their resolutions. Our lives do not allow us the time to really process the climax of our life events and work through the aftermath. In many ways, we all sulk through an apocalyptic, war-torn life where there seems to be no hope. We find ourselves staring at a grim end where nothing ever comes to a close. That’s what we lead ourselves to believe. We as people tell ourselves all the time that we can never find answers to our questions. We lie to ourselves and suppress our curiosity of looking for something we know that we can find and seek out. slide_331219_3272321_freeResolutions are the time and place to do all these things we tell ourselves that we are not allowed to. Resolutions cannot be overcome or worked through if one does not, in an act of bravery and boldness, deny our human nature to lie to ourselves and mentally challenge ourselves to reach a closing point.

Closure. A word many people like to use instead of resolution. Closure is not the end of a resolution. Closure is that turning point that launches a person into finding that closing point in their resolution period. Closure is the satisfaction that what is known and understood is accepted and applied further. Many people want to deny themselves closure because it would only cause them more uncertainty and anxiety. Guess what? Embrace it. Embrace that fear and do what you can to work against it. Seek out your closure. Make peace with your feelings of insecurity. Even if you can’t get the answer you want, don’t worry. The answer may be right around the corner. You just have to take the time to look between the lines. 

Resolutions are not a priority. People too often toss their hands up in the air and hope the universe will put all the pieces back together. YOU put those pieces back together. When you let other entities do that for you all that happens is a wall starts to build and it gets higher and higher and higher and then you’re trapped. Trapped in your unsolved resolution. Do not allow yourself to be trapped. Allow yourself to move forward.


Resolutions are painful, stressful, agonizing, and hard. There is no blueprint, plan, or formula that will guide you through the process of finding stability. It’s exciting. Exciting because you as a person get to decide how you’re going to go about moving forward. People will try and guide you and tell you what is best for you to get through it and sometimes it could be helpful. Don’t listen to everything. You need to know that not everything people tell you actually is for your benefit. When dealing with a resolution, a sense of alertness and focus must be exercised in order to protect yourself. Even though everything might be going to shit around you, your internal and personal stability is the key to moving through your resolution and closing the book on whatever needs to end. 

Struggle is a key component in human growth. Those who do not struggle and do not allow themselves to feel never can take steps forward. They often trip, fall, and land 3 steps back from where they started. This is one of the first times in my life I am truly allowing myself to surrender to my struggle. It’s liberating and for all the best reasons. My sobriety is my resolution on a period of time that will not be easy to work through. I know that my book will be open for quite some time as I slowly fill the pages with a resolution, but I am not discouraged. I choose to be present in my Resolution. I am taking charge of my Resolution. 

With A Bright Outlook:

Taylor James


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