I Am Alive.


Today during yoga the mantra we were to carry through our practice was I Am Alive. I felt very connected to today’s mantra and I added to it because in yoga there are no rules! So, my mantra for the day and my practice was I Am Alive Because I Have A Purpose. Once I finished my practice of self love I began to reflect on what is my purpose. Not my sole defining purpose, but one of many purposes that I believe each and every person possesses and aim to fulfill in life. Here are my thoughts:

I am alive because I have a purpose

I am standing so that I can go the distance

I am seeing so I can appreciate the beauty around me

I am hearing the gentle sounds of the earth

I am tasting the fruits of human labor and time

I am touching that which reaches out to me

I am smelling the aromas of ever changing spaces

I am breathing to allow myself the joy of these sensations

I am writing to capture these experiences like photographs of time

I am here to be the voice of these moments 

I am alive because living thoroughly is my purpose 


With Love & Satisfaction:

Taylor James


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