War Of The Forces


There is nothing
There is nothing I can say
Or do
Or speak about
What is going on in my life right now

What I know is useless
What I feel is empty
What I breathe is uncertainty
What I seek to find is unknown

Never in my life did I believe that I would fall from grace
Never in my life would I feel defeated
Never in my life would I work so hard and gain so little
Never in my life would I love again

Something is changing
Something is growing
Something has unearthed itself from deep within

I say No to opposition
I say No to disrespect
I say No to things that I don’t want

I calm the storm that has flooded my veins with tears of the past
I silence the thunder that roars in my scared, quiet heart
I pill the plug on the lightening that sends shivers down my spine
Eye of the hurricane or not
I will control

I say Yes to those who love me
I say Yes to the good in other people
I say Yes to opportunity
I say Yes to taking a chance
I say Yes to braving the world with full power

I rise up tall like a mountain and spread wide like the sea
I begin to encompass the earth that tried to encompass me
I root myself into the dark cold ground
Filling it with light from the skies
Blue all around
I breathe in
I breathe out
Taking back what was taken from me
Nurturing my body as if it were a tree

Strong are my roots with a foundation like steel
They allow my branches to grow and heal
Blossoming in spring
Wilting in fall
It’s a life cycle that’s said to get you through it all

Days pass and winds blow
Endlessly we wait for something to show
Forever in constant wonder of what could be
And always in state of fantasy

Reality is strong and pulls you back
Acting like that itch you can’t seem to scratch
Annoying it may seem, but truth it holds
Always trying to keep you in a mold

The battle is clear and to each their own
A sense of balance will roll you though like a stone
Fairytales and facts
Unicorns and horses
There is always a war of the forces 



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