A Moment For Gratitude….


Never have I felt such an overwhelming feeling of caring and compassion from other people until the last couple of days. I took this blog public to my family and friends who have been left in the dark about my struggle Saturday evening. It took all of my being to push the post button and finally break down the walls I built up so high that nobody dared to try and break through or jump over.

I, in a moment of impulsive bravery, opened my life up for the world to see and be involved in. I, in an effort to no longer feel alone, disclosed the truth of one of my greatest demons. I, wanting to break free of these heavy, binding chains, tore away from the grip of my oppressor and ran like a fugitive for a field where the grass is greener.

To all of you who liked the post, commented kind and encouraging words, sent messages, and took the time to read the blog, I cannot express how much they meant to me. I found myself smiling from ear to ear, crying tears of joy, and felt my pain dissipate. These last couple of days I felt loved, cared for, and valued. Feelings throughout my life I believed were something I was to be deprived of. I know now that is not the case. I can no longer believe that I do not deserve this kind of kindness, support, and love. What I witnessed and experienced cast away any doubt that I was not worthy of such love and compassion.

I will never forget this feeling that I am feeling. I hope that one day I can return this love and compassion to each one of you. Your support, generosity, and time I cherish and in no way would take advantage of. All I have to say is thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my wounded and healing heart.

All My Love And Gratitude:

Taylor James



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